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1. Download and read carefully before enrolling:

Enrollment forms are very important.

To complete registration make sure all enrolling forms are filled, including immunization records. Please read the parent’s handbook, it is an important resource that contains information about the way we work, rules, regulations, and information in general.


Your child’s position is reserved upon receipt of annual non-refundable registration fee and the first month tuition fee.  Please enroll carefully; once you pay if you decide not to proceed to take the spot, this deposit will not be refundable.


Toddlers and Twos are NOT expected to be potty trained.

3 ‘s years old must be potty trained or close to it. 

4 & 5’s years old in our  program MUST BE potty trained.


3. Send them to 23846 SE 30th St, Sammamish, WA 98075. 

Rates 22-23 (Open Pre Registration February 2022)


Summer Camps Registration